Noon Whistle 
Beggars in the House of Plenty
Pacific Coast Greens: VO
Parkside Dejeuner
The Mirror Garden (pre-production)
Det. Clarke
Promises Treatment Center (commercial) 
Concerned parent 
Noon Whistle  (short) 
The View From Here - series
Interviews on the nature of creative expression: sculptor Gwynn Murrill, sculptor Hannah Holliday Stewart & author Robin Williams

Pacific Coast Greens (commercials, V.O.)  
•  “Juicy ripe tomatoes” 
•  “Nutralicious!” 
•  “More for your money”

The Fire & The Rose (video) 
benefit performance of poetry and spoken word for the Southwest C.A.R.E. Center a nonprofit AIDS medical center. 2010

Beggars in the House of Plenty (video) 
Pa ​
Art  (video short) 
An Amplification of the Spirit
a series of discussions on acting and theatre 
today in America

The August   (short)  
directorial debut of Anne Bancroft at AFI, with 
Sally Kellerman, Hope Lange & Estelle Reiner

American actor/producer/screenwriter, born Christopher Cornell Clements on March 9, 1951.

Began his acting career at the age of 16 at the Houston Theatre Center with a supporting role in Half a Sixpence. Moved to Hollywood California in 1975, and was cast in Jacques Brel is Alive and Well, with Grant Goodeve, Anything Goes, as Moonface Martin, followed by The August, the directorial debut of Anne Bancroft at AFI. The cast included Sally Kellerman and Hope Lange. 

Over the years he has performed in film and theatre in Houston, Los Angeles, London and Santa Fe, New Mexico, and worked in various aspects of film and theatre production for Roger Flint, Gary Graver, David Carradine and Oscar winners Wally Gentleman, Alan Arkin and three-time Academy Award winner Carlo Rambaldi.

In 1983 he formed Cinergy Corporation Film Productions with his partner Anna Baker in part to raise funds for the Futuronics film technology and develop the film project Noah II. Current Cinergy projects include Knee Deep in ThunderThe Dark, and The Mirror Garden.

Award winning photographer, Award for Artistic Excellence featured in New Mexico Photographer Magazine.

Project Ocean Search with Jean-Michel Cousteau

Los Angeles World Hunger Event & The Malibu Celebration of Film festival